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For businesses small and large

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Welcome to Dominic Jeff – Writing For Business

Based near Basel in Switzerland, Dominic Jeff works with businesses small and large to ensure they have a steady stream of high quality copy. Whether you need your website revamping; a healthy blog to drive traffic and keep you current; or you need a set of case studies, interviews or news stories for an in-house magazine – Dominic can work with you.


Dominic Jeff is a qualified UK journalist who has worked on The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and Plymouth Herald newspapers.

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Dominic uses his journalism expertise to craft compelling blogs and brand stories, as well as ‘thought leadership’ articles for guest publication on behalf of clients. He is the author of a long-running business finance blog and has produced successful content marketing campaigns across a wide-variety of sectors.

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PR Support

Let an expert craft the words for that brilliant campaign you planned. Have an experienced reporter interview your clients and turn it into memorable comment. And get your press releases written by someone who knows exactly what journalists love.

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“We use Dominic regularly to ensure that the websites we design have the copy to match. We recommend all our clients use Dominic because there is no substitute for high quality professional writing.”

Roslin Design

Alex Urquhart-Taylor
Co-owner of Roslin Design

About Dominic Jeff

Dominic Jeff is a qualified British journalist who has worked on The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and Plymouth Herald newspapers. He set up his own business in 2015, and has worked closely with award-winning PR agencies and ambitious early-stage companies to produce great websites, exciting press releases, and closely-followed blog series.

Since re-locating to Switzerland in 2018, Dominic has targeted his skills at the Swiss market, helping to provide the high-quality English copy that fast-growing international companies require.

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  • Can Thought Leadership really be Ghost-written?

    The idea behind thought leadership is, in a nutshell, to project your expertise with insightful opinion and useful commentary. It is a natural and effective form of marketing. But many feel that since it has been co-opted by that dastardly cabal, the PR industry, it......

  • Start-up summaries: writing the most important documents in the business world

    I love writing for start-ups: it’s raw business, full of big ideas and interesting characters. But it’s also a big responsibility, because small actions at an early stage can have a major bearing on the future of a company. Write a great investor pitch, first......

  • Lighting the Spark

    The artist David Hockney famously moved to California because he found the light inspiring. No sooner was he there, his paintings lightened up too, as he abandoned the darker themes that his native Bradford elicited in him and focused on water, greenery and light. Of......

  • Solid Opinion is Key to Thought Leadership

    The web, and the blogosphere in particular, is full of how-to-guides, look-at-me boasting pieces and this-is-why-you-must sales pitches. All have their place, but if you want to be heard and respected, a good old comment is often the best option. True, everyone has an opinion.......

  • What’s the ideal length for a blog?

    A good editor once pointed out to me that every journalist wants to be a documentary maker, when they should be concentrating on finding more stories and giving them the treatments they deserved. No longer, no shorter. Seeing as, at the time, I had to......

  • Do George Orwell’s Rules on Writing Still Hold True?

    When it comes to teaching and encouraging clear writing, George Orwell’s famous six rules are often cited. With the vast amounts of content being churned out on the internet and in the media, the need for clarity and economy of words is greater than ever......

  • Bernabe Fernandez has turned El Chorro into a multi-pitch mecca for all

    With the famous Caminito del Rey set to become a tourist trap, El Chorro is being re-invented as a winter destination for multi-pitch adventure thanks to the efforts of local wad Bernabe Fernandez. He talked to Cragbanter about bolting 1,000-foot routes in a day, Malaga’s......

  • Book Review: In Some lost Place

    – Are you training for Everest? – No, obviously, otherwise I’d be trudging up a loose rubbish dump covered from head to toe in down and plastic, instead of clinging to an acutely overhanging boulder in nothing but a pair of shorts and a woolly......

  • Book review: The Great Mountain Crags of Scotland

    The fact that the Classic/Hard/Extreme Rock format remains popular almost 40 years after its first appearance gives a good indication of what climbers look for in a coffee table book, and yet few since have matched Ken Wilson’s vision. Indeed, such is the desire for......

  • Business blogging for tim

    I’d like to introduce you to tim. Short for The Invoice Market – and also the name of their excellent mascot – tim and I have been working together for a year now on a blog series aimed at helping small and medium sized enterprises......

  • Casual Psyche

    Man, I’m psyched! I’m so psyched for trad right now. He’s really psyched for climbing. She’s a really psyched climber. Yeah, it’s a word that’s bandied about a lot, but it seems to mean different things to different people. A lot of the time, it......