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Business blogging for tim

Business blogging for tim

I’d like to introduce you to tim. Short for The Invoice Market – and also the name of their excellent mascot – tim and I have been working together for a year now on a blog series aimed at helping small and medium sized enterprises with their finances and other issues.

We’ve taken a look at business plans, letters of credit, and explained why any good business should be ready for sale;

We’ve produced a guide to business insurance, and discussed outsourcing the CFO role;  and we’ve shared tips for growing your business and especially your profits, for example with the power of a 1% change.

A fintech platform that links businesses seeking invoice financing with people looking to invest, tim has successfully arranged AUS $310 million in funding for Australian business. It has helped hundreds of firms raise cash against 18,000 invoices to date.

So I’m delighted to be involved in blogging for tim, and hope that all that busines advice is being put to good use as well!

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