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Recent Articles: #vanlife and web design

I’m no web designer, as this site proves, but I think that those of us on the content creation side have an important role to play in shaping the web too. That’s why I ran an extended version of my ‘How Long should a Blog Be’ article in the prestigious Webdesigner Depot magazine:

Another area of personal experience I wrote abut recently was remote working… from a camper van. As a writer, I enjoy the freedom of being able to work from any location, and indeed a change of environment can be the perfect tonic for waning inspiration… especially when you go somewhere beautiful.

The picture below shows my trusty van near Oliana, in Catalunya, on a frosty morning. It was great to be above the inversion as I find the light in Catalunya in winter perfect for feeling energised and creative. If you’re in any doubt about why you should hire a freelance or encourage remote working, have a read!

Working on the Road – What Van Life Is Really Like